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Your carpet can get stained due to a variety of reasons, some of which are pet urine stains, food stains, dust particles, grease, etc. A stained carpet can affect the overall look of your house and also is unhealthy for your family. Whatever the stain may be, Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart provides exceptional Carpet Stain Removal Hobart service, delivering guaranteed results.

Carpet Stain Removal HobartWhy is it important to go for Carpet Stain Removal Hobart?

Carpet stains can become tough to remove once they are stuck deep into the carpet fibres.

However, it is important to get off the stains as early as possible to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the carpet. Let us take a look at how stains degrade your carpet

Stain particles penetrate directly into the carpet fibres. If left untreated for a long time it becomes difficult to remove it.

Food particles and liquid stains spoil the look and colour of your carpet.

When the carpet is stained for a considerable amount of time, bacteria and germs grow over it, giving rise to a bad odour eventually.

Germ growth can cause the air quality in the house to diminish.

Stain affects the durability of the carpet; a clean carpet will run for a longer time in comparison.

With appropriate chemicals and equipment, all kind of stains can be removed now. So, it better than replacing your dirty carpet.

All these problems can be treated in one simple step, just contact Carpet Stain Removal Hobart experts, to efficiently remove even the toughest of stains. You can talk to one of Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart executives to get more details about our services.

Why trust Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart for effective Carpet Stain Removal?

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart is one of the finest carpet cleaning services available at affordable rates, with innovative carpet cleaning solutions for all kinds of stains. There are some more reasons to choose Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart to treat your stained carpet.

Our customers are 100% satisfied with our valuable Carpet Stain Removal Hobart service.

We specialize in removing all types of carpet stains effectively.

Our cleaning experts are fully insured, trained, and certified to carry our carpet stain removal procedures.

We use non-toxic, pet-safe, and child-safe products for carpet stain removal.

Your carpet will not be harmed during the stain removal process.

We are available 24×7 to fight the toughest of carpet stains.

We offer same-day and emergency services also.

Our stain removal prices are completely affordable.

Contact us on +61480022366 to get a detailed understanding of our Carpet Stain Removal Hobart processes. Our motto is client satisfaction in every job we undertake.

Listed below are some of the stains we have successfully removed from carpets:

Pet Urine Stains

Vomit Stains

Food Stain

Mould Stain

Blood Stain

Sauce Stain

Oil Stain

Cigarette burn

Iron burn

Ink stain

Cosmetics stain

And, many such stains. Every stain and every carpet need different treatment and our experts have in-depth knowledge to eliminate stains from all types of carpet.

Reach out to us to help you in treating your carpet to have a pristine clean look.

How does Carpet Stain Removal Hobart work?

Step 1: Inspection

Once you book a Carpet Stain Removal service with Same Day Carpet Cleaning, our representatives will reach your place on time to inspect your carpet. Understanding the type of carpet, the type of stain, and the depth of the stain is important before choosing a suitable process.

Step 2: Blotting

Next, we remove as many stains as possible using the blotting method, then use a brush to scrape off the stain. We make sure to act quickly, because, the longer the stain stays on the carpet, the deeper it goes into the fibres, the more difficult it becomes to remove.

Step 3: Spraying

We spray an industry-approved stain remover solution on the affected area of your carpet then wait and observe the changes in the carpet. Later, we blot it dry to remove stains thoroughly. We neutralize the odours arising due to the dirt accumulation on the carpet.

Same Day Capet Cleaning ensures your carpet looks clean and spotless after the service is done. It is advisable to invest in carpet cleaning for your filthy carpets rather than replacing them every time. Book your appointment today! Get a express booking on Carpet Stain Removal Hobart.

Some Basic Tips on Carpet Stain Removal

Take immediate action on spilled carpet stains.

Use blotting or scraping to remove excess.

Vinegar or vinegar-based solution can be used to treat carpet stains. Mix vinegar with baking soda and water, and moisten a towel with this solution. Let it soak for some time before blotting. Rinsing is not required in this method. This method is effective in removing stains due to food spills, coffee, chocolate, ink, paint stain, and many more.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove carpet stains. Mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide with tartar cream and add to a spraying bottle. Use this solution on the affected carpet and allow it to soak. Rub the carpet stain with a cloth by applying some pressure to remove the stain. You can repeat this process till it is clean. Be cautious while handling hydrogen peroxide, as it can bleach your carpet.

Use baking soda or baking soda solution to remove tough vomit stains or pet urine stains. Apply some baking soda to the stain and use a paper towel to remove the stain. Once the carpet is dry vacuum it. Baking soda removes stains as well as sanitizes the carpet.

Pets can make the carpets messy with urine, or your carpet might witness tea or coffee stains often. Club soda can remove stains on the carpet. Just wipe off the excess pet urine on the carpet using a paper towel and apply club soda to it. Let it soak and then wipe it off. Now, scrub the affected area with mild carpet shampoo and allow it to dry.

These home-based techniques may or may not work for one and all. It all depends on the stain type and the carpet type. To be completely sure, just give us the chance to serve you. Same Day Carpet Cleaning always has solutions to treat dirty and filthy carpets. Our services are well-framed to give your carpet a new look!

There are two approached to deep clean a carpet Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Let us take a look at both of them.

Steam Cleaning

In this process, hot water is used to clean the stains on the carpet.

Special equipment injects hot water under high pressure into the carpet and then removes it.

When the water is extracted from the carpet, all the dirt stuck in it also comes out, leaving behind a clean carpet.

The main benefit of using a Steam Cleaning technique is that you will get amazing results as the carpet is deeply cleaned from the root to the surface.

The drying time might be up to 24 hours when the carpet is steam cleaned.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method does not involve moisture as compared to steam cleaning.

First, vacuuming is done to remove surface dirt, then the surface is treated with a dry-cleaning solvent.

The solvents break down the dirt particles hidden within the carpet making it easier to be removed.

Lastly, a rotating machine is used to spin around on the carpet. The cotton pads attached to the machine remove stains and soil attached to the carpet. These cotton pads are frequently replaced to get optimum results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which one is better for my carpet? Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning?

Answer: Steam Cleaning does deep penetrating cleaning to kill bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. If you wish to use the carpet immediately after cleaning then go for a dry-cleaning service.

2. Can you remove vomit stains and odour from my carpet?

Answer: Yes, we eliminate vomit stain too. We conduct a sanitizing and deodorizing process to remove any odour that might be present due to the stain.

3. Can I get a estimate on Carpet Stain Removal Hobart?

Answer: Yes, you can get a express booking on Carpet Stain Removal Hobart. All you have to do is either fill in your details on our website or directly contact us on +61480022366 to talk to our executives.

4. How long should I wait before using the carpet?

Answer: That will depend on the carpet fibre, weather conditions, room temperature, and the type of cleaning done. Generally, the drying time is between 33 and 4 hours. We strictly recommend customers avoid walking on the carpet for the first hour at least to maintain the look of the carpet.

5. Do you undertake emergency carpet cleaning?

Answer: Yes, Same Day Carpet Cleaning is available 24×7 ready to serve you. We have trained and certified carpet cleaning staff, fully equipped with the latest technology and products for effective stain removal.

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