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Mould is a fungus that appears due to moisture presence; it causes health risks and infections if not removed on time. They generally grow in damp areas and poorly ventilated places like bathrooms, laundry, etc. When moulds growing in the carpet fabric damages the carpet eventually. Over time, they make your carpet look ugly. Though you can use many techniques to remove mould from your carpet, hiring a professional Carpet Mould Removal Hobart expert like Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart will be a relief. Contact us today to efficiently get rid of carpet mould with clean and hygienic processes.

Why you must book a Carpet Mould Removal Hobart service?

Carpet moulds if left untreated pose a serious health risk to the inhabitants. Here are some of the impacts of mould on the carpet:

It increases the chances of damage to your carpet.

Moulds can lead to the growth of germs and bacteria on the surface of the carpet.

There will be higher chances of bad odour due to bacterial growth.

The lifespan of the carpet decreases.

Germs on the carpet can create serious health issues for homeowners.

The carpet will require heavy-duty cleaning.

These are some common consequences of mould formation on the carpet. Are you facing a similar situation?

Do not worry! Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart can save you the mess!

Book your Carpet Mould Removal Hobart service today! We will rescue your carpet from mould in no time. Contact us on +61480022366 to know more about our valuable service.

How Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart treats Carpet Mould? 


An initial inspection by our professionals is required to identify the mould spots and growth level. They also check the moisture level of the carpet. If the carpet is wet, we use industrial fans to dry it. This might take some time depending on the size of the carpet and the amount of water or moisture.


Vacuum machines can accelerate mould removal to some extent. When used with pressure dirt and mould can be extracted from the carpet. We use the latest and most effective machines to remove and pull out all the moulds from your carpet. Our professionals understand how different carpets need different kinds of treatment.

Carpet Drying

Moisture presence works in favour of mould formation and growth. Hence, it is important to give adequate time for the carpet to dry.

Mould Treatment

Carpet Mould Damage Removal Hobart experts use anti-mould sprays on the affected areas of the carpet. These are eco-friendly, pet-safe, and child-safe products. And, it causes no harm to your carpet as well.


Our experts use a dehumidifier for carpet drying. Carpet Mould Removal Hobart professionals use powerful dehumidifiers of different types for carpet cleaning and mould removal. Various natural cleaning agents are used to effectively remove moulds from the carpet.

Prevention Advice

Our professionals give proper guidance on keeping your carpets free from mould. After about 3 hours of the treatment, you can enter the premises and allow ventilation by keeping doors and windows open.

Benefits of Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart

We are available 24×7 at your service.

Same-day services and emergency services also offered.

Our professionals are fully insured, certified, and experienced in Carpet Mould Damage Removal Hobart.

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly, pet-friendly, child-safe, and effective products for all carpet cleaning purposes.

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We work for residential properties, commercial spaces, industrial and manufacturing units, and public buildings.

We conduct a sanitizing and deodorizing process to neutralize odours arising from carpets.

Our Carpet Mould Removal Hobart rates are affordable and adhere to the industry standards.

We use the latest technology and suitable products to eliminate mould from your carpet.

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What Causes Mould Growth?

Mould is a kind of fungus that grows because of wetness on the carpet. A damp carpet will have a lot of moisture, which is an ideal condition for the mould to flourish.

Other reasons for mould formation are water damage, leakage from roofs, poor ventilation in bathrooms or laundry.

Water seepage, overflowing sinks, leakage from pipes, can lead to mould development on ceilings, carpet floors, and walls.

Mould must be spotted and removed without much delay to avoid potential health hazards to people living in that property.

Contact Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart for an exclusive Carpet Mould Removal Hobart service.

Mould prevention tips you must follow

Allow adequate natural air to enter your house or office.

Keep doors and windows open for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Turn the exhaust on while bathing, washing, or cooking to reduce moisture.

For smaller areas of your house, you can try home remedies to remove mould.

For larger areas of mould growth hire a professional Carpet Mould Removal Hobart

If you attempt to clean mould yourself, take appropriate precautions.

Avoid using bleach, as it only takes colour from the surface and hides the roots of the mould.

When you fail to remove mould, it gets disturbed, and releases mould spores along with mycotoxins into the air. This can cause respiratory disorders, allergies, and other breathing problems in humans.

Though cleaning visible mould is an essential step, it is also essential to treat air-borne and invisible mould spores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I try to remove carpet mould on my own?

Answer: If the visible mould can be removed, you can attempt to do so. But you will not be able to spot the invisible mould spores present on the carpet surface. If there is a major breakout, do not hesitate to call professional Carpet Mould Removal Hobart.

2. What causes mould growth in my home?

Answer: Mould enters your home as tiny spores in search of moisture to grow. They can grow on almost any surface; wood, wall, ceiling, carpet, or insulation. If your carpet often gets wet, chances are they retain a lot of moisture within. This is a conducive environment for mould to flourish. Get rid of carpet moulds by reaching out to Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hobart on +61480022366.

3. How long will it take to remove mould from the carpets?

Answer: About 90% of residential carpet mould removal is done within a day. So, you can return to your residence by evening, provided the carpet is completely dry.

4. How mould affects our health?

Answer: Air-borne mould spores can increase in number in an indoor environment.

When there are particles like dust, smoke, or pollen in the air you inhale daily, it can lead to various health hazards.

5. How much do you charge for the Carpet Mould Removal Hobart service?

Answer: The exact rates will depend on various factors, like, the size of the carpet, the intensity of the mould, and the type of treatment required. All our carpet cleaning rates are quite affordable.

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